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Inter Farmaci Italia began in Switzerland in the late eighties, aiming to develop and perfect what was missing in the pharmaceutical and medical world.

What was missing was an organization capable of offering and supplying new pharmaceuticals punctually, promptly, and with precision; pharmaceuticals which are difficult for manufacturers to advertise, and even more difficult for specialists and hospital pharmacies to get hold of.

This international society immediately began looking to the borders of the surrounding countries, in particular that of neighboring Italy, which represented an important catchment area for the company.

In order to develop the initiative, and Italian headquarters was set up close to the Swiss border. These headquarters were able to dedicate themselves entirely to stepping in as a wholesaler of innovative life saving pharmaceuticals, at a time when the sector in the Italian seemed almost totally deprived of staff able to act as an agency supplying the best Italian hospitals with pharmaceutical products from the biggest pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Inter Farmaci Italia, aware of the importance of carrying out as effectively as possible a task as complex as it is important, and moving with consistency and determination among the vague operations, often difficult to decipher, which were considered normal at the time, emerged a few years ago as the leading pharmaceutical supplier in Italy, (and as a result, last year finished ahead of its competitors with about 86 % of pharmaceutical supply contracts taken out with hospitals in Italy.)

With commitment and passion, and promoted by a team who have been working together for twelve years now, Inter Pharmacy has helped in a relatively short period of time to make buying life saving pharmaceuticals simpler, and more importantly faster, for those same hospitals. We have fought on the front line to make new pharmaceuticals as well as those in the past unavailable, ready for distribution all over the country.

It is this parrsion and commitment which in 2007 inspired the creation of Inter Farmaci Italia S.r.l., a society created with the aim of intensifying the work carried out up to now, expanding the network in Italy so as to remain faithful to the strong commitment undertaken.

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